Saving All My Love

Couldn’t Wait || Para (January 11)

Quinn missed Rachel like crazy. As she laid in bed and tried to sleep, she grew more and more impatient. By the time 3am rolled around Quinn gave up on sleep and rolled out of her bed. She tried watching a movie and playing games on her computer, but nothing helped. She decided to finish packing so it was less for her to do the next day and by the time 5am came around, the blonde gave up all hope on getting any sleep. She had already made a cup of coffee, and gotten ready for the day. It didn’t dawn on her until she was picking out clothes to wear later on in the day that she didn’t have to wait. She knew Rachel would be home early in the morning and it would be the perfect time to surprise her.

She got dressed and hopped in the car, hitting the highway by 5:49am. The sun was nowhere to be seen and the music was her only company. She hit no traffic and reached New York in no time. It took a couple of times to get around the block before remembering where to park her car. She grabbed her bag and purse and started walking towards the apartment. As she journeyed, she decided to continue the texts from the night before in an attempt to make sure the brunette was already up. She jumped in excitement as the elevator rose and by the time she reached the door she could hardly wait to see the look on the other girl’s face. when the door opened, Quinn couldn’t contain herself and practically attacked Rachel as soon as she opened the door.

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    "Probably very traumatized," Quinn answered, followed by a fit of giggles. She was usually very shy when it came to...
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    At the very last moment Rachel thought to pull back and look at Quinn’s face as she came, and it was the best decision...